Friday, 13 June 2014

Photo Safari Assignment #10 Red

Red is everywhere and this assignment showed me that. Red stands out. Like the EXIT sign it stands out. and strong words also stand out, more noticeable. The basketball hoop is red also its bright so you no where your gunna shoot for.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Photo Safari Assignment 9th Perspective

Perspective wasn't exactly easy. Its different and makes you see things different. you see things different at other angels, or upside down or far away. You can capture it with your eyes.

Photo Safari Assignment 7th Knolling

Not sure about knolling, but anyways. Its a complex situation, neat. Everything is parallel to each other. Organized, put neatly side by side. It doesn't stand out that much but still noticeable.

Photo Safari Assignment 8th Feet

Its hard to know someone unless you have put yourself in there shoes, see what they go through. Its hard to say about feet, but they get us to were we are now. They are just simply foot prints in the sand, be there one moment and gone the next. 
Footprints will mark where have we been, but will eventually disappear. Each step is different, our walks are all different from everyone else. When we step in mud we leave our foot prints. With each step we take, can lead us into the right direction. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Photo Safari Assignment 6th Pairs

Most things come in pairs because we need one to help the other out. It takes more then one thing to do one. Two is better than one.
Without a dust pan we wouldn't be able to sweep up the dust with a broom.
Without headphones we wouldn't be able to listen to our iPods.
Without an eraser we wouldn't be able to remove our mistakes.